The Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science of Slovakia

Dom odborov

The Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science of Slovakia (further OZ PŠaV = TUWES) is a non profit organisation, founded in harmony with the Act of the Slovak Parliament Nr. 83/1990 about associating of citizens. The basic attributes of the Trade Union activities, stated in the Targets and the Programme of the Trade Union are the development of education in a democratic social system and equally the protection of regular and professional rights of education employees.

The Trade Union is aware of its part and responsibility for the development of education, the social post and social certainty of pedagogical and non-pedagogical employees.

Contemporary there are more as 66 000 members in the Trade Union – pedagogical as well as non-pedagogical workers from the sphere of the whole education and science system in Slovakia and what about the number of members in the Trade Union – it is the biggest one in Slovakia.

By creating of the Associations of elementary, secondary and university schools, as well as of directly managed organisations (directly managed by the Ministry of Education of SR) the functioning of the Trade Union became more functional. There are working in the regions the Councils of the basic organisations according to the Associations, proportionally represented in the authorities of the Trade Union.

The Trade Union underlines the stability of the education and of its development in comparing with the countries of the European Union. Our Trade Union is one of the founder and active organisations of Education International – The International Education Organisation, that represents up to time 29 million members from about 345 countries all over the world.. We are a member of ETUCE (European Trade Union Commission for Education) as well as a member of the Pan-European Union, representing the education Trade Union organisation from Europe, member states of EU as well as the candidate countries.